The Sasquatch-a-Dor

10 Nov

For a couple of years now, I’ve been getting requests for photos of the legendary Sasquatch-a-Dor. Well, here they are.

The Sasquatch-a-Dor

The Sasquatch-a-Dor is modeled after a Spanish War-era soldier’s foot locker, complete with brass handles and fittings.

The wood is African teak with beautiful action in the grain.


The dovetail joints give it a rustic, mature quality.


Inside are 4 Spanish cedar pullout trays capable of holding cigars up to 10 inches long (yes, I said 10 inches).


The trays are exquisitely crafted. Each one can accommodate as many as 42 cigars of up to 56 ring-gauge (14 across, stacked 3 high). Below the trays is a 6-inch deep full-width void for storing boxes and bulk quantities.


The scale is nearly as impressive as the construction. It can comfortably hold 500 cigars, though it’s total capacity may be closer to 700.


The inner lining of Spanish cedar is ⅜-inch thick, and the teak exterior is ¾-inch thick. There are no veneers. The lining is raised a quarter-inch at the opening to form a seal that keeps moisture in and climate changes out. As a result, it maintains a steady 68% RH with only 2 small rectangular humidifiers, one in an upper level tray, and one in the open bottom.

I generally keep it well stocked, and monitor the conditions twice a week. At any given time, there are 300-400 cigars inside, many as much as 4 or 5 years old, and a few much older.

The Sasquatch-a-Dor is a true work of art in the natural medium of wood. It is a one-of-a-kind creation, hand made by a master craftsman named Rick Pohlers, and I feel privileged to possess it.

So there you have it: The Sasquatch-a-Dor. I’ll admit, I could never afford to purchase such an exquisite piece of art on a Sasquatch’s salary. The trade arrangement was one that I’ll be paying off for years to come… gladly, I might add.

Until next time, this is the Cigar Sasquatch saying, “Love what you smoke, and smoke what you love.”

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