Cigar Sasquatch Father’s Day Special- My Father #1

19 Jun

There are good dads and not-so-good dads. This one’s for all the good dads.

Fathers are interesting animals. They’re a strange hybrid of dictators and protectors, providers and punishers. They can be at times surly and tender, guarded and eruptive, emotional and stoic, understanding and demanding. Hard-wired to provide, they often have trouble receiving, and rarely will they ask for anything more than a cold drink, a comfortable chair, and a little peace and quiet.

But their duplicitous nature is not so complicated when you look at things form their perspective. They want little more than to see their children grow into good people, and they’re willing to do just about anything to make that happen. If that means being tough one minute and gentle the next, then that’s what they’ll do. And who could blame them? We children are a pain in the ass. Hands out, mouths open, heads in the clouds, feet going every-which-way, we’re a lot to deal with.

My Father Cigars were blended in secret by Jaime Garcia as a tribute to his father, Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia, and hand-made in Miami from rare Nicaraguan fillers, and finished in a flawless hybrid Ecuadorian Habano Rosado/Criollo wrapper featuring Garcia’s signature triple cap. The roll is firm, but the draw is light and open from a cap-cut.

From first light, the flavors from this Robusto (5.25×52) are a highly-evolved combination of leather and pepper, with a creamy texture of caramelized wood and spice. This cigar produces great billowing clouds of smoke, and is quite strong. By mid-way the flavors rounded out and deepened, adding richness to the caramelized flavors, and roasting the pepper to give a smooth, complex, multi-layered palate. It is supremely delicious. The burn is straight and even, slightly fast, producing no less than 3 medium-gray 1-inch double-cone ashes to the nub.

This is truly one of the great new cigars. I easily rate it 9.4. It’s at once smooth and powerful, bold and delicate, subtle and intense. And like a good father, it continues to give, asking little in return, and delivering beyond our expectations.

So fathers have a tough row to hoe. They’re complex creatures, mostly because they’ve got a complex job. And every year we take one day to say a special thanks for all they do, and if you’re anything like me, to apologize for all the years of torture and torment you subjected them to. Chances are, if your dad is like mine, he’ll appreciate the former, and forget the latter. So thanks, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

Until next time, this is the Cigar Sasquatch saying, “Love what you smoke, and smoke what you love.”

  1. tpaul

    June 21, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    Well done!