Vote “NO” on California Proposition 29!

20 Mar

California tobacco taxes are some of the worst in the nation. It seems every cigar lover I ever speak to already knows that. And now, a ballot proposition comes before the voters on June 5th which would raise state taxes on cigars and pipe tobacco by 73% (you read that right… 73%)!

Enough is enough! This proposition will drive jobs from California, strapping hundreds of small businesses already struggling with one of the nation’s weightiest tax burdens, while doing absolutely nothing to to resolve the state’s $200 billion (that BILLION, with a “B”) budget problem.

This is a voter proposition, so it’s no good calling, writing, and emailing your state representatives. To do your part to prevent this taxation nightmare, first register to vote (the deadline is May 21st, but don’t wait), and Vote “NO” on Proposition 29 on June 5th. Finally, share this information with everyone you know, and encourage them to do the same.

For more information, visit, and spread the word: NO on 29!

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