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Sign the White House Petition

11 Apr


Urgent action is required by all cigar enthusiasts to help prevent FDA regulation of cigars!

Click here to sign the White House petition to call on President Obama to contact the FDA in support of protecting premium cigars from FDA regulation.

Once you click on the link, you will need to create an account (required by the White House), including opening a verification email. Follow the link in the email, and click “SIGN THE PETITION.”

The whole process takes less than a minute. A minute, to protect your cigars, to protect American small business, to protect YOUR RIGHTS!

25,000 signatures must be received by May 11 in order for the petition to be brought before the President.

Do it now.

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Vote “NO” on California Proposition 29!

20 Mar

California tobacco taxes are some of the worst in the nation. It seems every cigar lover I ever speak to already knows that. And now, a ballot proposition comes before the voters on June 5th which would raise state taxes on cigars and pipe tobacco by 73% (you read that right… 73%)!

Enough is enough! This proposition will drive jobs from California, strapping hundreds of small businesses already struggling with one of the nation’s weightiest tax burdens, while doing absolutely nothing to to resolve the state’s $200 billion (that BILLION, with a “B”) budget problem.

This is a voter proposition, so it’s no good calling, writing, and emailing your state representatives. To do your part to prevent this taxation nightmare, first register to vote (the deadline is May 21st, but don’t wait), and Vote “NO” on Proposition 29 on June 5th. Finally, share this information with everyone you know, and encourage them to do the same.

For more information, visit, and spread the word: NO on 29!

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CRA Exclusive from Casa Fernandez

13 Jul

There is a war going on to take away your rights! The enemy is well-funded, highly influential, and fights dirty. And they’ve been successful, too.

Do you realize that there are cities in California in which you cannot legally sit in your own back yard and smoke a cigar? Are you aware that the FDA is currently working to take over the regulation of cigars and tobacco across the country? Do you realize that the enemy’s ultimate goal is nothing short of an outright ban of tobacco across the country?

Thankfully there’s an army fighting for you. In our American history, there have been many instances during which citizens literally took up arms against the government to contest the usurpation of rights or the raising of taxes. Maybe you’ve heard of a few. Fortunately, these armed rebellions are a thing of the past, but the fight remains, and the enemy will be satisfied with nothing less than absolute victory.

Photo of CRA-exclusive cigars from Punch and Casa fernandez

CRA-exclusive cigars from Punch and Casa Fernandez

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Urgent Legislative Issue in California

11 Apr

Dear Friends,

There is an important piece of legislation going before the California State Legislature on April 13, 2011 entitled SB 575. It would effectively eliminate the smoking of cigars and pipes in tobacconist shops, cigar and pipe lounges, and all of the few remaining places where cigars and pipes can be enjoyed in public.

This legislation must be stopped.

You must contact your representatives in the State Assembly and State Senate and demand that this destructive piece of proposed legislation be struck down. To find your representatives, click the following link:

All of the legislators have a “Contact Me” link on their web sites, and an easy-to-follow web form for submitting your statement of dissent.

You must do this NO LATER THAN APRIL 12, 2011! This issue is scheduled to go into a hearing before the Senate on April 13. To have an impact, your voice must be heard before the hearing!

The following text was borrowed (slightly modified) from an email bulletin shared by our friends at Telford Pipe and Cigar Store.

“Dear [Senator or Assemblyman]

I am writing in opposition to proposed SB 575 as introduced by Senator DeSaulnier and coauthored by Assembly Member Hill on February 17, 2011. In its present form, it would eliminate smoking in tobacconists and other places where smoking is permitted currently.

The legislation as proposed is a direct infringement of my liberties and violates both the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of California.

Though often villainized, tobacco has been an important part of America’s history and culture for centuries. Despite this, this legislation pursues an agenda based solely on a visceral dislike of smokers in any form. It is arbitrary and capricious, and has no grounding in law.

No one is forced to work in a tobacconist or other area where smoking is permitted. Indeed, such employees are often smokers themselves and are fully aware of any risks they may run in pursuing that employment.

Moreover, the legislation as proposed would suppress if not destroy in California the legitimate enterprises of tobacco retailers, wholesalers, brokers and smoking lounge operators. Thousands of jobs are at stake, and major sources of tax revenues are in danger of disappearing.

In one example, the state Board of Equalization noted in 2010 that after higher taxes were imposed on cigarettes, sales declined over 8%, and cigarette tax revenues collected fell by $74 million. These tax revenues are desperately needed by the state, counties and towns of California, as are the jobs that would be eliminated if this disastrous legislation passes into law.

There are millions of smokers in the state of California. They are aware of the issues and they vote.

Clearly, the proposed legislation would infringe personal liberties and inflict great economic harm to your constituents. For these reasons, I demand that the proposed legislation be withdrawn in full at once.


[Your Name]”

Finally, The CRA has a simple petition form you can complete here: (scroll down)
The petition is helpful, but it won’t take the place of a direct notification to your representatives.

The full text of the bill is here (April 6 revision).