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Cigar Sasquatch Cryptids: Flor de Oliva Torpedo

14 Dec

Today I introduce a new category of cigar review on “The ‘Squatch,” and that is the “Cryptid.” From the greek kryptos meaning “hidden,” these are cigars that exist outside the realm of the well-known and universally accepted catalog of “good” cigars, but which are, nonetheless, premium longfiller cigars of excellent quality in construction and taste.

These non-canonical cigars may have plain-looking bands (or no bands at all), they may be sold in bundle packs instead of boxes, you may have even heard of them, perhaps seen them on the bottom shelf or spotted them in an on-line brand list. Like any mysterious creature, they can be a little unnerving, even downright scary, most of us eschewing them in favor of better-known brands. But the Cigar Sasquatch embraces these mysterious creatures, and will assist you in confirming or “proving” their status as REAL Cryptids (the ones worth smoking), and separating them from the “Hoaxes,” the ordinary junk which truly belongs on the bottom shelf. Read the rest of this entry »