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Illusione 888 Claro

17 Mar

Blender: Don Gioliti/ Arsenio Ramos
Maker: Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas
Filler: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Candela
Flavors:  Wood, vanila, cocoa, sweet
Draw/Volume/Strength: -1 / -1 / 2
Rating: 9.2

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and we’re surrounded by clichés: green plastic top hats, novelty green beer mug-shaped glasses, vulgar green T-shirts, shamrock shakes, and the greatest atrocity of them all… green beer. St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious observance commemorating the man who brought Christianity to Ireland, and it has deteriorated into an over-commercialized farce, an excuse to drink excessively, and a chance to make a mockery of Irish culture.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with excessive drinking. In fact I do it all the time. But I do take exception to the bastardization of iconic Irish symbols for the sake of commercialization. And I also take exception to the kinds of stupidity commonly seen around this holiday, and people taking leave of their good senses. Seriously, green beer?

Photo of Illusione 888 Claro

Illusione 888 Claro (6¾x48)

But I’m not one to swim upstream. Even in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has become a sort of national celebration of the culture of the Emerald Isle. So drink up, and and put on a stupid hat, but instead of ordering a green beer, call for a Guinness or a dram of Jameson, and reach for green cigar. And in this case, the green is no novelty.

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