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Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame

23 Feb

Maker: General Cigar
Filler: Dominican
Binder: Dominican
Wrapper: Dominican Natural and Maduro
Flavors: Natural: Vanilla, wood, nuts, leather, herbs. Maduro: Dark Chocolate, tangy-sweet, wood, earth, black pepper, herbs.
  Natural: +1 / +2 / 3, Maduro: 0 / +2 / 3
Rating: Natural: 9.2, Maduro: 9.2

They say the most important element in comedy is timing. I endeavor to apply a certain topical relevance to my reviews, and bring them to you when the timing is most appropriate. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

I’ll admit, I did receive these cigars in adequate time to bring them to you in a topical and timely manner, but as regular readers will note, I’ve been on a little forced hiatus lately. Faced with the decision to wait until a more suitable time or to bring them to you now, I opted for the latter: these cigars just won’t wait.

Photo of Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Natural and Maduro cigars.

Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Natural and Maduro Cigars (6x52)

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