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Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 Robusto Grande

20 Apr

Nicaraguan cigars are the best in the world.

There, I said it. Do I have your attention now?

I didn’t say “Nicaraguan cigars are among the best in the world.” I said they are the best. No, I haven’t smoked the Cuban Cohiba Behike, and at $40+ per stick, I probably won’t. Those of us who smoke cigars for pleasure (rather than for prestige) know that there’s no minimum dollar amount for a pleasurable cigar. But for many of us, there is a maximum.

Photo of Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 Robusto Grande cigar

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 Robusto Grande (5½x52)

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Davidoff Aniversario #1

13 Apr

April 13th, 2010 is a date which shall live in infamy. It’s the publication date of the very first Cigar Sasquatch review! Of course the Cigar Sasquatch existed as such before the first review was published, but as no one outside a small group of cigar lovers in my immediate circle of friends had ever even heard the words “Cigar” and “Sasquatch” spoken together before that date, it has become our official anniversary.

Photo of the wooden tube of the Davidoff Aniversario #1

Davidoff Aniversario #1

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Urgent Legislative Issue in California

11 Apr

Dear Friends,

There is an important piece of legislation going before the California State Legislature on April 13, 2011 entitled SB 575. It would effectively eliminate the smoking of cigars and pipes in tobacconist shops, cigar and pipe lounges, and all of the few remaining places where cigars and pipes can be enjoyed in public.

This legislation must be stopped.

You must contact your representatives in the State Assembly and State Senate and demand that this destructive piece of proposed legislation be struck down. To find your representatives, click the following link:

All of the legislators have a “Contact Me” link on their web sites, and an easy-to-follow web form for submitting your statement of dissent.

You must do this NO LATER THAN APRIL 12, 2011! This issue is scheduled to go into a hearing before the Senate on April 13. To have an impact, your voice must be heard before the hearing!

The following text was borrowed (slightly modified) from an email bulletin shared by our friends at Telford Pipe and Cigar Store.

“Dear [Senator or Assemblyman]

I am writing in opposition to proposed SB 575 as introduced by Senator DeSaulnier and coauthored by Assembly Member Hill on February 17, 2011. In its present form, it would eliminate smoking in tobacconists and other places where smoking is permitted currently.

The legislation as proposed is a direct infringement of my liberties and violates both the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of California.

Though often villainized, tobacco has been an important part of America’s history and culture for centuries. Despite this, this legislation pursues an agenda based solely on a visceral dislike of smokers in any form. It is arbitrary and capricious, and has no grounding in law.

No one is forced to work in a tobacconist or other area where smoking is permitted. Indeed, such employees are often smokers themselves and are fully aware of any risks they may run in pursuing that employment.

Moreover, the legislation as proposed would suppress if not destroy in California the legitimate enterprises of tobacco retailers, wholesalers, brokers and smoking lounge operators. Thousands of jobs are at stake, and major sources of tax revenues are in danger of disappearing.

In one example, the state Board of Equalization noted in 2010 that after higher taxes were imposed on cigarettes, sales declined over 8%, and cigarette tax revenues collected fell by $74 million. These tax revenues are desperately needed by the state, counties and towns of California, as are the jobs that would be eliminated if this disastrous legislation passes into law.

There are millions of smokers in the state of California. They are aware of the issues and they vote.

Clearly, the proposed legislation would infringe personal liberties and inflict great economic harm to your constituents. For these reasons, I demand that the proposed legislation be withdrawn in full at once.


[Your Name]”

Finally, The CRA has a simple petition form you can complete here: (scroll down)
The petition is helpful, but it won’t take the place of a direct notification to your representatives.

The full text of the bill is here (April 6 revision).



601 Habano Robusto

09 Apr

I have long lived by the Sasquatchism, “Never smoke a Robusto when you should be smoking a Churchill.” Of the classic cigar shapes, the Robusto is probably my least favorite. I recognize that there’s a time and place for a compact cigar, but more often than not, a Robusto only arouses my appetite, without bedding it back down again. So when I’m going small, it’s generally due to time constraints, and in such cases, I’m more likely to pull a Corona than a Robusto.

There are, however, those who argue that a Robusto is the purest expression of a cigar blend. The larger ring gauge (relative to a Corona) allows the blender the pack the full compliment of leaves into the cigar, while the 5-inch Robusto length allows the cigar to burn out before becoming saturated with tars, causing the flavor to turn. So you get all of the steak, with none of the gristle. And I can agree with that assessment, as well.

Photo of 601 Habano Robusto

601 Habano Robusto (5x50)

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La Flor Dominicana Mysterio

05 Apr

There’s a certain hierarchy to any social structure. Bees and ants have their Queens and workers (termites even have Kings), elephants have their Matriarchs, and wolf packs have their Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Countless comparisons can be drawn between the social arrangements of animals and those of humans, but one of the most compelling is that of the Lone Wolf.

Such a man is Litto Gomez, owner of La Flor Dominicana. Obsessed with quality, Gomez doesn’t fixate on numbers like many manufacturers do, beyond using them to gauge the excellence of his cigars. He didn’t come from a cigar family, so he’s not bound by the constraints of doing things they way they’ve always been done. He embraces tradition, but shrugs off any that prevent him from doing things his own way.

Photo of La flor Dominicana Mysterio Cigar showing details of head and foot.

La Flor Dominicana Mysterio (7x54)

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Diesel Unholy Cocktail

02 Apr

To get a new cigar talked about in 2011, it needs to be strong. There’s a whole cadre of pundits and commentators out there who won’t even look at a cigar unless it rates a 9 on the strength scale.

Well, the Cigar Sasquatch Strength Scale only goes to 5, and I’m here to tell you, there are more important things in cigars than strength. Namely flavor and balance. And burn characteristics. And draw performance.

As regular readers may know, I don’t assign a value judgment on strength. A cigar’s strength is what it is, and I can enjoy it whether it’s a 1 or a 5, as long as it has flavor and balance. And burns and draws well. I find those factors far outweigh the strength of a cigar in determining whether or not I’m going to enjoy it.

Photo of Diesel Unholy Cocktail Cigars

Diesel Unholy Cocktail (5x56)

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