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Blend Lab XD-752

22 Mar

I had the privilege recently of visiting the Blend Lab at Cigars International. No, I didn’t travel to their Bethlehem, PA facility, nor did I go to some tiny Central American country to sample secret test blends for possible future production. It’s on their website, and you can go there too. But I can tell you, it’s not for everyone.

The Blend Lab features short-run cigars made at some of the finest factories in the cigar world, using a variety of tobaccos, and rolled into select shapes. Strip away the fancy bands and the expensive marketing, and all you’re left with is the tobacco and how it’s rolled. This is cigar tasting at its purest.

Photo of Cigars International Blend Lab XD-752 Cigar

Cigars International Blend Lab XD-752 (7x52)

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Reposado ’96 Connecticut

19 Mar

Everyone knows the Cigar Sasquatch is Coo-Coo for Connecticut, and it’s also no mystery that I like my cigars big. But one thing I may never have mentioned is that I’m a Sucker for Salomons. So when I found these Reposado ’96 Salomons (7×58), I felt like I had hit the Cigar Jackpot! I just had to try a fiver.

For those unfamiliar with the shape, a Salomon is like a perfecto in that it starts narrow, then gets fat, then tapers to the head. But in a Salomon, the thickest portion is the first inch past the foot, like little baseball bats you can smoke. Also (sometimes) called a Diadema, they’re front-loaded with flavor, delivering the fullest smoke at the beginning when it would otherwise be most mild, then dialing it back down the length, counteracting the cigar’s natural tendency to grow darker and heavier towards the finish. It delivers a consistent flavor profile, and allows for a large cigar to remain smooth and pleasant for the duration.

Photo of Reposado 96 Connectcut Cigar from cigars International

Reposado '96 Connecticut (7x58)

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Liga Privada Único Serie Dirty Rat

15 Mar

The Cigar Sasquatch likes things big, and at 5×44, the Liga Privada Único Serie Dirty Rat fits nicely into that ideal.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. The Dirty Rat is a MASSIVE cigar. How else could a cigar feature 7 different tobaccos unless it was absolutely enormous? And that’s not all that’s big about the Dirty Rat. The flavors….

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Photo of Liga Privada Unico Serie Dirty Rat

Liga Privada Único Serie Dirty Rat (5x44)

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