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Cigar Sasquatch- Graycliff Professionale “Blue Label” PG

29 May

It’s a cool, blustery afternoon, one that would perfectly befit late autumn in Southern California, but is highly unseasonable so for late May. As I reflect upon the fall-like weather my mind wanders to an upcoming trip to Jamaica scheduled for fall this year. And in that state of mind, I reach for a Graycliff Professionale “Blue Label” PG (5.25×50). The Graycliff brand, hand-rolled in small batches in a tiny factory, is the only cigar brand from the Bahamas, a neighboring Caribbean island to the one that will be my destination, and is widely considered one of the worlds fine boutique brands.

The notion of anticipation comes to mind, both for the trip, and the cigar, which has rested Read the rest of this entry »


Cigar Sasquatch- CAO Gold Corona Gorda

22 May

The topic of today’s discussion is change. It was the early Greek philosopher Heraclitus who first comment thoughtfully on the concept of “flux” by saying, “Everything flows; nothing remains.” In this case, “remains” can be interpreted as “remains the same,” so we are left with the notion that the only thing constant is change.

How true this is. The most timeless, the most enduring of man’s creations, the Great Pyramids, have changed from the time they were built. The mountains, the deserts, the forests of the world are not the same, even from season to season. Even the very foundations of the earth are ever-changing. Climbers are standing on the summit of Mt. Everest even as I write this, and beneath the snow and ice, it grows taller year after year.

And today we welcomed into the world a new life, a first child born to dear friends. The changes that the new mother and father will experience in the coming months and years are only a shadow of the changes that this newborn child will experience in the world over her lifetime. With any luck, she’ll live to see personal jet-packs, flying cars, and the colonization of Mars, but more likely than the realization of our own fantasy future, she will see changes we couldn’t possibly imagine. Considering this child has a high-likelihood of seeing the 22nd century, I’d say unimaginable change is a guarantee.

So what does this have to do with cigars? Everything. And nothing. Every cigar you’ve ever smoked has been a microcosm Read the rest of this entry »

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Cigar Sasquatch- Fonseca 10-10 Natural

08 May

I’ve always had a problem with the idea of cigars as special occasion or celebratory rituals. It’s not that I have any problem celebrating a special occasion with a cigar, but there are two issues I have with that philosophy. First, and I think this is well-accepted among many cigar lovers, a cigar–ANY CIGAR– shouldn’t require a special occasion to enjoy. If you want to smoke your most prized Davidoff or Opus X on a Tuesday morning, by all means do so and enjoy it. My other issue with this is that it completely overlooks the cigar’s ability to provide comfort in times of sorrow or sadness. In fact, what better way to brighten dimmed spirits than with the curling blue clouds of your favorite cigar. But whether smoked to celebrate or console, a cigar serves the same function: to raise the spirits and bring joy into the heart. So I recognize the cigar’s place as a celebratory icon, and today I’m celebrating a (not so) small accomplishment of completing a challenging project that I’ve been working on for some time.

You may recall in a recent edition of Tasty Tuesday the appearance of the Fonseca 10-10 Maduro. For this review, Read the rest of this entry »


Tasty Tuesday: Fonseca 10-10 Maduro

04 May

I was doing some research recently and came across a little piece of data indicating that the #3 selling cigar line in the world, behind Romeo and Mac, is Fonseca, the Dominican brand blended by Manuel Quesada. Upon discovering this, and upon reflecting on how much I love a good Romeo or Mac, I did some looking. As it turns out, this frequently-overlooked brand rates pretty well for a $5-$8 cigar. Armed with this knowledge, I rolled into a local tobaconist shop and picked up a pair of 7×50 Churchills (Quesada names the size the “10-10”), including one Ecuadorian Connecticut Natural and a (gorgeous) Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

The blend I reached for first, and the one I’m currently writing about, is the maduro, and on first impression, it’s a very smooth, even tempered cigar. The most notable feature is the textbook maduro flavor. This is the definition of what a smooth maduro should taste like. Slightly sweet, slightly tangy, some depth and Read the rest of this entry »